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Security search engine launched by OpenDNS for interactive threat intelligence

Through a post on its corporate blog, OpenDNS (opens in new tab), a leading provider of cloud-delivered security, today announced that it has released a new version of OpenDNS Investigate, its global threat intelligence product. OpenDNS Investigate provides query-based and API-driven access to a massive database of domains, IP addresses and autonomous system numbers (ASNs) that the company collects, categorises and enriches in real-time. Investigate gives security professionals a single source of Internet-wide visibility into global threats that helps accelerate investigations, decrease incident response times and uncover potential attacks before they are launched.

OpenDNS assembles one of the most complete sources of network-level threat intelligence in the world. It is the only security vendor to continually analyse and cross-correlate more than 75 billion daily Internet requests fulfilled by it’s own recursive DNS service with terabytes of passive DNS logs and, starting today, domain WHOIS data. By combining this data with deep security knowledge and statistical models developed by the OpenDNS Security Labs team, OpenDNS ties malicious activity to the domain names, URLs and IP addresses used by attackers in real-time. OpenDNS Investigate provides access to this contextual security information through a search engine-like interface that makes threat intelligence both interactive and actionable.

“Our investigations have been more focused due to the visibility and accuracy of the data that OpenDNS Investigate provides,” said Mark Arnold, Director of Information Security at PTC. “The data that Investigate uses is always current, which makes it very valuable for our team. We want to see the intelligence that OpenDNS has collected in real-time, and Investigate makes that possible.”

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