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WhatsApp gets patched, showcases new features

While the UK is in fierce discussion over how to save WhatsApp from a country-wide ban, the app is working hard on bringing new features to its users.

Even though the WhatsApp blog has no information on the matter, Pakistan’s Daily Times reports that the app has added a whole new range of features to its upcoming Android update.

There have been a total of five updates within a span of 24 hours, the site reports, adding that latest features will be visible on version no. v2.12.194.

One of the new features WhatsApp brings is the “Mark as Unread” feature, which obviously, helps you mark your read messages as unread. The idea behind the feature is to help you never forget to reply to a message.

This might prove useful, as when we’re out and busy, we often read a message and completely forget to reply to it, which can sometimes have undesired consequences.


Another useful feature WhatsApp brings is an option for users to restrict low data usage for WhatsApp voice calling, quite a viable feature that needed to be introduced; for users on a slow data plan or a limited one and do not want WhatsApp voice calling consuming all of it.

The app also brings custom notifications, which allow users to set up tones, vibration length, lights, pop-up notifications and call ringtones for specific people or groups.

The update will roll out gradually. But in case you are desperate to get these features, you can download the update from the v2.12.194 from APK mirror.