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Xbox One to receive mouse and keyboard support

Keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One isn’t too far off, according to the head honcho Phil Spencer. Speaking on Twitter, Spencer replied to a comment claiming the Xbox One would need mouse support, saying that those features are coming soon.

Spencer has not followed up from this comment, but we can take from it that Microsoft is planning to offer more choices for controllers in the near future. It would be the first console (apart from Steam Machines) to utilise keyboard and mouse.

It is part of Microsoft’s transition to one platform, where apps will run universally on Xbox, PC, mobile and tablet. Part of that experience working is supporting a whole bunch of peripherals and accessories, which Microsoft intends to do.

In-game streaming from a PC to an Xbox One, or Xbox One to a PC, is also on the menu. For players wanting to play Xbox One games on the PC, they may want more accuracy and customisation that the keyboard and mouse provides.

Microsoft obviously wants PC gamers to feel happy, since they are a core demographic of the Windows business, but it also needs to make the Xbox One feel like a console that is great for the price. It is a thin line, but Spencer seems confident adding support for PC gamers will not indirectly move some gamers over to the PC for good.

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