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You can now pay for your fuel through PayPal in Shell UK stations

Cash and Credit/Debit cards are currently the most widely used payment methods in use, and that is simply because they have been around for so long. This could all be changed in the near future with the introduction of Apple Pay into the mainstream, and many new options are either in development and testing or are now becoming available to the public

One new way that has now become available in the UK, for Shell fuel stations only, is that you can now use PayPal to purchase your fuel. Not only is this a much easier way to pay for your fuel, it will also save you embarrassment if you happened to leave you wallet at home. In addition, it also will free up the queues inside the fuel station, saving you the time you would normal spend queuing.

Chevron in the US has also announced mobile payments through Apple Pay but they are in testing period at the moment. So, if you want to know how make payments at Shell UK gas pumps through your smartphone, visit Shell’s website for all the details.