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5 things that you should expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

If you’ve been following the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaks for a while, you might already be able to get a clear idea of what you should expect. We still think that there might be some changes to the exact details of the upcoming flagship, but reports suggest that the next Note device might be released as soon as next month.

So, to set our expectations and also be able to get some surprises from the smartphone giant, here are the five things that you (and we too) should expect from Samsung’s new Note device.

1. USB-C

This is the year of the USB-C connectors and we are expecting that the Galaxy Note 5 will have it. It should allow the device to charge quickly, but the more important feature of that connector, is to provide faster data transfers.

This means that if they do include a USB-C connector, you won’t have to wait hours for your phone to receive gigabytes of media and other data. Plus, the connector is reversible, which should make things easier for you when you’re drunk or just trying to plug in the charger when it’s dark.

2. Ultra powerful processor

Rumours suggest that Samsung is going to reveal a new Exynos 7422 processor that will include a GPU, RAM and a Shannon LTE modem all into a single chip (SoC). If this is true, then you should expect to see a huge bump in battery life and performance, which will definitely be beyond what you saw in the Galaxy S6.

3. VR Support

Galaxy Note 4 was the first one to enter the Gear VR zone, and then Galaxy S6 followed the Note 4 with a new Gear VR unit this year.

We are pretty sure that Samsung has a new Gear VR headset for the Galaxy Note 5 and there are chances that the new Gear VR will be shipping along with the Note 5.

4. A New S Pen

Rumours suggest that the new S Pen will be able to auto-eject itself. This might be possible either through a voice command or the software. We’ll have to see.

Besides that, you should expect better handwriting accuracy and a couple of new functions.

5.The Best Display

The Galaxy Note line has always enabled the Korean company to show off its latest technology in almost every part of the smartphone. Quad HD was one of the best displays used on a smartphone and we eventually saw that on the Galaxy S6 this year.

It is suggested too that there will be an introduction to an Ultra HD display or a new Quad HD display. Either way, we are pretty sure that people won’t be disappointed with it.