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Akana's new tool helps optimise APIs and give companies the upper hand

APIs provide a convenient way of giving developers the building blocks needed to extract data from and gain insights into digital systems.

But it's important for organisations to know how APIs are performing, how they are being used and whether they're providing business value. To help with this API and cloud integration specialist Akana (opens in new tab) is launching Envision, an enhanced API analytics platform that helps enterprises to find critical insights across their systems.

"In today's digital economy, data-driven insights are proving to be a key differentiator for businesses. Understanding the data that is being tunneled through their APIs and how it can be used to optimise their business and operations is of paramount importance," says Alistair Farquharson, CTO of Akana. "We have delivered Akana Envision to extend the Akana API Management platform with powerful analytics capabilities so that digital businesses can increase agility and adapt based on intelligent insights gleaned from their API programs".

The Envision platform can be used to perform complex custom analytics or integrate with an existing analytics platform to reduce infrastructure redundancy. It targets enterprises that require advanced analytics and insights around their APIs and the data that is exchanged through them.

The platform can also help identify new opportunities and provide insights to improve business models. Envision API Analytics can identify top APIs by usage, monetisation, app type, platform or channel. API owners can analyse licenses and usage as a means to fine-tune developer and partner integration. Operationally, IT professionals can use Envision to analyse how their infrastructure responds to requests from different devices, locations and request types. Enterprises gain the ability to manage the quality-of-service of their APIs, oversee quota usage and troubleshoot and react to problems before they impact on the business.

Features include policy-based data collection for regulatory and security compliance, pre-configured reports and dashboards, data import from external sources, and the ability to export to external analytics tools for further analysis.

Envision is available from today and you can find more details on the Akana website (opens in new tab).

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