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Enterprising OpenStack-based IaaS launched in US

OpenStack-Based IaaS Launched In US Can Bridge Gap Between Private and Public Cloud

The free, open-source cloud-computing software platform, OpenStack (opens in new tab) is poised to “bridge the gap” between public and private clouds, as the Swedish-based City Network expands its OpenStack-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) into the USA. Called City Cloud, it is the pivotal hub of the company’s focused global expansion program.

The OpenStack platform is already supported by most major IT companies and about 20,000 developers. Its abilities and future potential have been likened (by City Network) to a cloud revolution that equals the well-documented Linus revolution of the late 20th century.

Coming To America

This month City Network became the first company in the world to offer OpenStack in multiple data centers on two continents – Europe and America – with data centers in Los Angeles and New York. Additionally, the company offers the possibility of full redundancy both between the two continents, and within the US.

Commenting on the bold move, Al Sadowski, research director at 451 Research, said they believed public cloud providers were in a position to differentiate their offering based on OpenStack. 451 Research is a company that focuses on, and analyzes the business of enterprise IT innovation, particularly within segments of emerging technology.

“As enterprises become increasingly interested in hybrid solutions, OpenStack offers the promise of bridging the gap between private and public clouds,” said Sadowski, noting that this open-source platform already has “strong momentum.” He welcomed the City Network initiative, adding that service providers like them were in a strong position to “ride that wave.”

One of Europe’s fastest-growing IaaS providers, City Network’s expansion into the US has been in response to customer’s needs to store their data closer to US-based end users. This is partly a legal issue, as US legislation requires companies in the country to store certain data within its borders. But companies also have a strategic need to keep their services and data as close to their customers as they can.
According to City Networks’ CEO, Johan Christenson (opens in new tab), it was “natural” for the company to expand across the Atlantic, since many of its customers already have “a strong presence” in US markets. “After Europe, North America is the most important market for many European countries. From the games company expanding its games on a global basis to the enterprise where the US many times is the largest export market. By supporting those companies regionally in Europe as well as North America, with OpenStack at the base, City Network differentiates by tending to growing European companies’ needs with an open infrastructure platform,” Christenson told CloudTweaks this week.

Founded in 2009, City Networks launched its IaaS cloud service last year (opens in new tab) (2014) and has been concentrating on giving its customers high transparency with top security and flexibility. The company has identified its OpenSource IaaS as “the future infrastructure platform” for every type of cloud-service operation. The company already has more than 25,000 customers worldwide, many of which aim to build, migrate or extend their own businesses to the cloud-based infrastructure provided by them.

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