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Is Amazon spying on you and I?

Recently, Imy Santiago posted a review on an e-book. There is obviously nothing out of the ordinary in the statement. It is what happened next that is really quite strange. Apparently, Amazon kept removing the review because it was violation of the site’s policy, although that wasn’t a clear reason as to why they were removing the review.

When Mrs. Santiago pushed the e-retail giant, they replied back explaining that the reason why they kept removing the review, is because she knew the author personally. At first, she was satisfied with the response. It helps the website to avoid any unethical reviews and also prevent unworthy titles from getting fake praise.

But then you start asking questions. The first thing that comes to your mind, is that how did Amazon know that you knew the author personally?

In the case of Santiago, she said that she started following the author on social media after reading their first book. According to her, that’s the only relationship she has with the author.

If we want to jump to conclusions, we can say that Amazon has been data mining their customers to know more about their activities and understand them. So far, it looks as though Facebook and Twitter are the company's primary sites to mine data about their users, although we are in the dark as to how they are managing to go so deep and monitor a single relationship.

At present, we may be waiting a while before we find out (if ever) exactly what the secretive company does to get the information, and how it was able to make the connection between Imy Santiago and the author of the e-book.