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Leaked photo shows what the iPhone 6S will look like

The iPhone rumours are starting to flow faster, and Apple already has production of this year's handsets underway – so it's no surprise to see a leaked image of the purported iPhone 6S pop up on the internet.

The pic comes from that well-known (and generally pretty reliable) source of leaks, (via MacRumors), which claims that the image of the front panel was provided by an inside source who confirmed that iPhone components are currently being made and readied to be shipped out to the iPhone 6S production lines.

The disappointing news is that the image shows the next-gen phone will remain pretty much identical to the current model in terms of this front section at any rate.

That's to be expected though, as Apple made big changes last year, and with an 'S' refresh, more minor adjustments are typically made – although there is a big change coming to the actual screen if the rumour mill is correct.

And that is the introduction of Force Touch, which allows the use of light and heavier presses of the touchscreen to register different functions in the interface. This is something that is extremely handy for the Apple Watch and its small screen, but it will still certainly have its uses in smartphones.

Another recent leak also spilled an image of the iPhone 6S chassis, claiming that Apple is making it more durable this time around – which has to be good news for owners, and should put paid to any lingering 'bendgate' doubts.

Cupertino is certainly envisaging brisk sales for the next-gen phone, with other buzz on the grapevine indicating an initial production run of around 90 million units – considerably more than last year's 70 to 80 million units. And, of course, the iPhone 6 sold very well indeed itself…

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