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Mozilla celebrates as developer network turns 10 years old

In February 2005 a small team of developers set out to create an open, free, community-built online resource for all Web developers.

A few months later, on 23 July, 2005 the original Mozilla Developer Network wiki site launched. Since then it has evolved steadily for the convenience and the benefit of its users.

Ten years on and MDN hosts more than 34,500 documents and its global volunteer community is bigger than ever.

Currently, MDN has more than 4 million users with over 1,000 volunteer editors per month creating and translating documentation, sample code, tutorials and other learning resources for all open Web technologies. These include CSS, HTML, JavaScript and everything else that makes the open Web as rich and versatile as it is.

Milestones along the way include the development of its own Kuma wiki platform in 2012, and a complete redesign of the front end in 2013.


To celebrate the birthday, Mozilla has produced an infographic showing some facts and figures on how the network is used. Visitors to the network are spread across the world with 26 per cent coming from the USA.

The most viewed documents relate to JavaScript, CSS and Firefox. MDN isn't just for experienced developers though, there are 90 articles for complete beginners and people learning the Web. There's more information on the Mozilla blog (opens in new tab) or in the facts and figures infographic below.

MDN turns 10

Photo Credit: Elena Schweitzer (opens in new tab)/Shutterstock (opens in new tab)

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