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Google's Nest smart thermostat disappears from Apple Stores

Pulling competitor products from Apple Stores is nothing new, the company had to sever ties with FitBit, Nike and other wearable providers (opens in new tab) when it launched the Apple Watch earlier this year, and now it is finally letting go of Nest’s smart thermostat.

On the Apple Store (and in retail stores) the Nest thermostat is no longer available. In its place, a HomeKit-approved thermostat from ecobee. Named the ecobee3, the thermostat offers much of the same functionality as Nest’s own, but using the iPhone as the hub.

More non HomeKit devices are bound to be dropped in the months to come, as Apple gets serious about its smart home platform. For over a year, the platform has been in testing, and the first devices are starting to come from third-party developers.

HomeKit offers a wide variation of options for smart home developers, but it seems to be shadowed by Google’s own Internet of Things platform, Brillo. Google will add a platform with a new language, called Weave, capable of understanding language between multiple smart home devices.

Google intends to create string on effects with Brillo, where the user opening their smart curtains will cause a chain reaction of things to happen. The final goal is full automation of all parts of normal life, so that humans can get on with things that matter.

Both Google and Apple are invested in the space, set to be worth hundreds of billions in the years to come. Google’s platform does take on a more gigantic approach however, with the company focusing on farmers, businesses and homeowners, rather than just the latter.

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