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The Lumia 950 has got the rumour mill spinning

After the acquisition of Nokia, there were huge cuts in its workforce. But despite all of that, Microsoft is not backing down from going toe to toe (and even ahead) of the big boys. They could be planning some futuristic features for their new Lumia 950 or 950 XL.

Recently Windows Central reported that the Microsoft Lumia 950 might be outfitted with a face scanner. The company might be utilising the same iris scanning technology that we will be seeing on the new Windows 10 machines.

They also reported that the devices might support the smart cover and the Surface Pen, although you will have to purchase them separately as they won’t be sold with the handset.

This might be a myth but according to the reports, the Windows 10 phones might come pre-equipped with the Continnum software on board that will allow them to transform into a fully functioning PC. Plus there has been speculations that the next generation of Windows 10 phones will be equiped the USB Type-C connectors, or chargers.

The Lumia 950 will obviously be the flagship device for Microsoft, and there is no doubt that there will be flashy features in it.

Other rumours doing the rounds currently suggest that the Lumia 950 will have a 5.2-inch display with 2K resolution, feature at the heart of the device a 6-core Snapdragon 808 processor that will be backed with 3GB of RAM. Lastly, to power all that, there will be a massive 3,000 mAh removable battery.

The bigger version of the Lumia 950 – the Lumia 950 XL, will have a larger screen – 5.7-inches, and will also have a better CPU – Octa-core Snapdragon 810, with 3GB of RAM and a 3,300 mAh removable battery.

Both versions have been penciled in to receive a 20 megapixel primary camera, and a 5 megapixel secondary camera, and to store all of your photos and more, there will be 32GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot to expand it.

For now, all we know is that both these handsets will be launched either in October or November. We will have to hang tight because if these specifications are true, the Lumia 950/XL might well become the best smartphone in the world, who knows.