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Trump's Wikipedia page deleted twice in a day

Donald Trump, a business mogul, an investor, author, TV star that likes to fire people (why hasn’t he fired his hairdresser yet?) and the US presidential candidate, has had his Wikipedia page deleted twice in one day, the media reported on Thursday.

Trump, a media magnet whose often clumsy statements have him reach the headlines every once in a while (for example, he referred to Mexican immigrants as ‘rapists’), is currently running for the president of the United States.

His Wikipedia page was destroyed twice in one day: first it was completely wiped by a user RJP5322 and was quickly restored – in a matter of minutes.

The second attack left a single sentence in the page: “Let’s be fair, nobody cares about him.” This attack was also remedied in minutes.

The first vandal, user RJP5322, was blocked for three days; the second vandal, user Trampster1442, wasn't. Trampster1442's profile says he is "a British fellow who occasionally dabs in helping Wikipedia to be a better place."

Wikipedia is a free encyclopaedia, written collaboratively by the people who use it. Many people are constantly improving Wikipedia, making thousands of changes per hour, Wikipedia says about itself. All of these changes are recorded in article histories and recent changes.

However with many people having a chance to edit a page, not everyone is interested in “constantly improving” Wikipedia, even though Trampster 1442 might think so.

At the time of writing, Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page has been completely restored.