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Uber is giving out free ice creams in the UK

In an attempt to gain a 'sweeter' public image, controversial taxi service app Uber is delivering free ice creams in eight cities across the UK, despite the lack of summer sun.

Uber will deliver complimentary Cornettos through its fleet of cabs, to get people to use the app without any obligation to actually use the taxi service.

To score a free ice cream, simply launch and login to the Uber app on your smartphone, set your current location and slide right to request an ice cream.

After selecting their parlour of choice, Uber will deliver the sweet treat "in minutes."

The only requirement for the promotion is for users to place ice cream delivery orders from a private property such as their home or office.

"We'll be bringing you your very own ice cream parlour on demand - completely free - with a little sprinkling of nostalgia," the company said in an official blog post.

Orders can be placed anytime between 11am and 7pm, within London, Oxford, Birmingham, and Manchester, with those in Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool and Bristol.