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Apple planning to team up with BMW to develop electric car

Apple is in talks with BMW about building an electric car together, which would serve as the first in a long line of cars with Apple logos on the front.

Manager Magazin (German) reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook met with BMW officials in Leipzig, Germany. The topic of these discussions was not disclosed, although it appears to be a periodic meeting between the two companies.

Cook met with other auto manufacturers when visiting Germany as well, showing Apple may have interest in other partnerships. BMW would be the first for an electric car, considering the success of the BMW i3 and upcoming i8.

It is not clear if Apple intends to work with these same companies on the self-driving car, which it intends to launch in 2020. The company has not even confirmed if the car project exists, despite overwhelming evidence of Project Titan.

While Apple has been silent, Fiat, BMW and Tesla Motors have all dropped hints that Apple is entering the automotive industry. The addition of several key executives from Fiat Chrysler, BMW and Ford also show the project is a big one inside the company.

Apple already offers its CarPlay system to auto manufacturers, as a way to scrap their own 20th century dashboards for something a bit modern. CarPlay is bound to be integrated into the own car, alongside other Apple products.

Hopefully we will hear about the car project this year. It seems likely with the news of an electric only car, without the self-driving component. Apple may intend to launch a few models without self-driving capabilities to test the waters.

Source: Manager Magazin