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Bidalgo to make big money helping to target Facebook video ads

Bidalgo, a marketing partner of Facebook which helps companies best place their video ads on the social network, is doing rather well – and in fact, expects to triple its sales this year.

Bidalgo's tech boasts algorithms which help developers target the most relevant audience sector for the product in question on Facebook, and can auto-bid on certain budget and business model constraints to build the most cost effective campaign – or that's certainly the idea.

The US/Israeli firm's ADaptation system can make multiple versions of one video ad automatically to further personalise for a particular audience, for example, changing a nation's flag displayed from say, the UK to German, to better suit a German audience.

The system can dynamically alter advertising not just on the basis of location, but also based on gender of the target audience and other factors.

And ADaptation will make up at least half of Bidalgo's revenue in the coming year, with the company expecting that percentage to increase considerably in the future.

Peleg Israeli, general manager of Bidalgo's Israeli operations, told Reuters that automated video ads will give Facebook a leg up over YouTube, because Facebook's core tech is capable of identifying users "in the most accurate way".

All this is happening against a backdrop of Facebook pushing forward with video content in general.

Last year, Facebook tweaked its algorithms to favour showing video content, and as we heard back in the spring, the social network now serves 4 billion video views every day (at the start of the year, the number was 3 billion – and doubtless it has increased further since then).

All of which will have Google worried – it took YouTube eight months to make the leap from 3 to 4 billion views, a feat Facebook achieved in not much longer than three months. And if Facebook videos are set to become increasingly more attractive and customisable for developers, that can only help the social network’s cause.

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