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Edward Snowden to make satellite appearance at IP EXPO Europe 2015

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden will make a satellite appearance at IP EXPO Europe 2015 on 7 October to speak about cyber security, major security breaches and the Snooper’s Charter (opens in new tab).

Snowden has performed quite a few satellite chats in the past two years, as he starts to adapt to living in Russia. Recently, HBO television host John Oliver did a face-to-face interview with Snowden, discussing American views on surveillance.

“Our security is increasingly under threat and, following recent events like the Hacking Team breach, there are fresh concerns about how safe we really are on the Web,” said Bradley Maule-ffinch, IP EXPO Europe’s Director of Strategy. “It’s a global issue, one which was brought to the forefront of the news agenda by Edward Snowden in 2013. For that reason, we are very excited to welcome him to this year’s IP EXPO Europe and hear his views on the matter”.

This is the first time Snowden has talked about the Snooper’s Charter, the law home secretary Theresa May has been trying to push since The Conservatives took over 10 Downing Street. With the Lib Dems gone, it looks likely the Snooper’s Charter will be pushed into Parliament (opens in new tab).

The Snooper’s Charter forces Internet service and telecom providers to send personal information on customers back to the government.

Snowden has already said UK surveillance is even worse than in the United States, due to the lack of constitution to protect citizens. The GCHQ is also much more aggressive than the NSA, attacking allied corporations in Europe (opens in new tab) along with human rights groups (opens in new tab).

The lack of oversight in the UK comes from The Conservatives refusal to better manage the surveillance department, and the poor performance of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.

IP Expo Europe is a leading IT infrastructure and Cloud event, taking place in London on the 7-8 October.

UPDATE: IP Expo Europe has issued a statement saying: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Edward Snowden will now not be speaking at IP EXPO Europe 2015 at ExCel in October.

"There will be further keynote speaker announcements in due course, but in the meantime we are proud to announce ‘The Future of Cloud’ keynote panel, to take place on Day One, featuring Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure and Barak Regev, Head EMEA Cloud Platform, Google.

“Alongside this, other world class speakers, contributing to the most exciting line up in the Technology industry include; Jim Zemlin, Executive Director Linux Foundation, Troels Oerting, CISO Barclays and Dr Angel Diaz, VP Cloud Architecture IBM, who will discuss topical issues around Hybrid Cloud, Data Analytics, DevOps and Webscale IT.

The finalised schedule for IP EXPO Europe will be announced next month.”

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