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Employees still don't understand how critical it is to protect business data

Most staff members still don't have a clue just how vital business data is, and indeed most employees value their own personal data above work data.

That's the conclusion of a new piece of research from Fujitsu, which found that only seven per cent of 1,000 UK employees surveyed (by One Poll) rated business data of higher importance than their own data.

Almost half of respondents (43 per cent) admitted that they were either somewhat or completely ignorant about the value of corporate data. A third of employees said they were more worried about losing their personal data, than leaking out business data which could be far more damaging (even to them, if they end up losing their job over an incident).

At least the majority of those surveyed understood the risks of identity theft (58 per cent), but only 13 per cent said they knew what security their company had in place, and a quarter felt their business could be doing more on the security front (and indeed the respondents admitted that they themselves could be doing more).

Andy Herrington, Head of Cyber Professional Services at Fujitsu, commented: “With 1 in 3 (30%) employees agreeing that they worry more about losing personal data than business data organisations have a challenge on their hands.

"While there is no quick fix in changing these perceptions the process needs to start with the people. Educating employees about the value of and how to protect their own personal data is a great starting point and businesses will see this data safeguarding attitude trickle through the business, helping employees become part of the threat defence.”

Darren Allan

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