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App that tracks Prince William's air ambulance is "terrorist gold"

Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge started work for East Anglian Air Ambulance earlier this year. Without knowing, he set himself as a target for an iOS app that is capable of tracking the helicopter 24/7.

Flightradar24 gives push notification updates whenever William’s helicopter has left the base. It can then be tracked with gps tracking, which security experts call “terrorist gold” that has been left in the open.

The app, which is available for £2.99 on the iOS App Store, gives the direction, speed, altitude and position. Enough information to take out the helicopter mid flight, or wait at a location to strike on the Prince’s air ambulance.

It has already become worrisome how far some fanatics of the Royal Family will go to keep up, but this is a whole new bucket of worms. Having a GPS tracker on William’s helicopter not only endangers his life, but endangers the lives of people he picks up and co-workers.

The app even shows a real-time helicopter flying over the map. Messages are sent to the owners of the app when the helicopter lands as well, meaning at all times the helicopter is on the app’s radar.

Former Commander of Specialist Operations at Scotland Yard, Roy Ramm, says the technology is dangerous and called for an immediate shutdown. Ramm also said a security upgrade to make air ambulances and other air vehicles taken off public radar.

It is surprising things like air ambulances still have no security to protect their location mid flight, but with the news Prince William can be tracked, we are sure the police will get on it right away.

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