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Google awarded creepy patent to record and store your entire life

Let’s be honest, we don’t know where we would be if search engines like Google didn't exist, but that doesn’t mean they should store every single piece of data about us. Right?

Unfortunately, the search engine giant has convinced the US Patent and Trademark Office to award a patent to record live experiences using a “wearable computing device” for later playback.

You might forget the present you got your sister when she was 10. But Google doesn’t forget. You might forget the time when you spent that Sunday afternoon bowling, but Google knows everything about it.

Google Patent

Google plans to record all these live experiences and then store them into an online video database that will be searchable.

According to the patent, the video database will allow the user to ask questions like “Who were the people at the business lunch this afternoon?”, or “What films did I watch last month?"

Despite the inherent creepiness in this technology, there are of course some upsides. For instance, consider the fact that a person with Alzheimer’s disease would be able to see exactly what they did yesterday. It would be invaluable to them.

But then again, there are a lot of privacy concerns with this technology, and potentially a lot of threats of the information being misused.

It doesn’t suggest that since Google got the patent awarded, the company is working on it. But the fact that it went to the trouble to get a patent registered, certainly shows a level of interest in the project.

Along with the fact that Google doesn’t wants its Glass program to die, we can definitely see this technology being implemented in the next-gen product.