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IBM announces cloud-based data warehouse

IBM announced on Monday the release of a cloud-based data warehouse service. The company says it will offer businesses a way to reach and analyse their data without having to go through many steps, as it was the case earlier.

“You used to have to go through a number of steps to get to the data. That is changing. People now want immediate access to the data,” said Derek Schoettle[cq], IBM general manager for cloud data services.

As PC World says in its report, the IBM DashDB Enterprise MPP (massive parallel processing) is available on the IBM Bluemix portal of platform services and offers a fully managed data warehouse, potentially saving organizations the costs and hassles with setting up one in house.

So what is a data warehouse in the first place? It's a place to “store and format data so it can be deeply analysed”, which eliminates the need for such operations on the primary database. This effectively means faster performance.

DashDB would be ideal for exploratory research of data, potentially answering queries too unwieldy to run in a database, Schoettle said.

A cable company could plot out revenue by geographic area, highlighting areas where customers are defecting to the competition. Financial services firms could use a scalable data warehouse to spot buying trends across different exchanges. Retail sales data could be analysed for seasonal buying habits.

However, IBM is not the only company in this business. It will have to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Redshift and Microsoft Azure’s SQL Data Warehouse.