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Intel and Rackspace to create OpenStack Innovation Center

Intel and Rackspace have announced a new partnership called the Intel Cloud for All initiative.

The teaming-up will see the creation of the OpenStack Innovation Center, a new R&D facility to be housed in Rackspace's headquarters in San Antonio, where the world's largest assembly of OpenStack developers will come together.

Rackspace and Intel also will deploy a test computing cluster of 2,000 server nodes that will be available to OpenStack developers from outside the project.

The goal according to a joint statement is to “accelerate the development of enterprise capabilities and significantly add to the number of developers contributing to upstream OpenStack code. The project will bring together OpenStack engineers from Rackspace and Intel to advance the scalability, manageability and reliability of OpenStack by adding new features, functionality and eliminating bugs through upstream code contributions.“

Together the companies will also hire “hundreds of engineers” to work on OpenStack over the course of the next few years, a spokesman for Rackspace told Fortune.

Rackspace said that ultimately it wants the OpenStack Innovation Center to be home to the world’s largest collection of OpenStack developers.

“Our ongoing collaboration with Rackspace and the OpenStack community represents an ideal opportunity to accelerate the enterprise appeal of OpenStack”, said Jason Waxman, vice president and general manager of the Cloud Platforms Group at Intel.

Having two powerhouses directing the debate will help accelerate OpenStack as a definitive solution for the enterprise. “The depth of experience and community engagement that Rackspace and Intel offer makes this an exciting project, as the code contributions and large-scale testing will benefit everyone who uses OpenStack”