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Leaked Intel Skylake processors promise huge performance boost

Further information has surfaced regarding the highly anticipated new Intel Skylake processors that are set to enter production later this year.

The Skylake processors not only claim to be more powerful that the Broadwell CPUs released last year, but also more energy efficient.

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Last week, leaked images of Intel presentation slides revealed a number of significant performance enhancements that we can expect to accompany the release of Skylake. When compared with hardware containing the Broadwell chip, Skylake promises 30 per cent longer battery life, added security features and an improved CPU performance at lower power. It should also render graphics up to 41 per cent faster.

Fanless Tech has not revealed how it acquired the images, but they do suggest that future devices using Intel Skylake processors will boast major performance enhancements. Some have claimed that it could mark the most important processor release in a decade.

So far four variants have been unveiled: the Y-series, U-series, H-series and the S-series, with the first three of these all being mobile BGA-packaged processors targeting the laptop market. The S-series, meanwhile is aimed at desktop devices.

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There are also rumours that a K-series Skylake chip is in development, which will ship with an unlocked multiplier to allow for overclocking.

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