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New website tells you where selfie sticks are banned

You know, I know, we all know that selfie sticks are banned from most of the world’s biggest tourist destinations, such as the Smithsonian Institution and National Gallery.

So, is it time to get rid of that selfie stick? (Of course not, you should pack it because we both love it.)

Many tourist destinations have banned the devices because they causes hazards, which is common sense. But how do you know that a particular destination has banned selfie sticks?

A new website called Can I Bring My Selfie Stick can now let you know about all the locations in the world where selfie sticks are banned, so you don’t have to hand that precious piece of selfie taking art to those security guards who rarely take care of things.

This helpful website was launched by ticketing website Attraction Tix. A couple of common sense tourist destinations where you are not allowed to bring the selfie sticks include Disneyland, the Guggenheim museum, the Emirates Stadium and the Hammersmith Apollo. Of course these are just some of the destinations on the website.

But, if you are too attached to your beautiful selfie stick, you will be pleased to know that selfie sticks aren’t banned on the London Eye, Alton Towers and inside the Grand Canyon. Yup, flood your Instagram account with those selfies.

Image source: Shutterstock/Marcos Mesa & Sam Wordley