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Twitter co-founder takes inspiration from Kim Kardashian

Sometimes it just takes someone with a big enough name - and voice - to draw attention to something that thousands of others have been saying for a long time.

Proving this, Kim Kardashian (of all people) has made a suggestion for a feature that Twitter should adopt: editing. Twitter loves the idea. And when we say 'Twitter', we don’t mean 'people on Twitter' - we mean Twitter itself: none other than co-founder Jack Dorsey.

Kardashian tweeted to her 33.8 million followers letting them know that she'd got in touch with Twitter to share her idea. In a matter of hours she received tens of thousands of replies, favorites, and replies. If she has husband Kanye West on board, that's another 13.5 million followers.

One reply came from the Twitter CEO who indicated his support for the suggestion. With such a huge following, it's little surprise that Twitter took notice of what Kardashian had to say. It took Dorsey under an hour to response to the tweet.

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Although this is a positive response, there's no knowing if - or when - an edit feature might be added. Despite the largely warm reception, some people expressed concerns that giving Twitter users the ability to edit their tweets could end up making respondents look like they supported something they didn’t.

Facebook has allowed for the editing of posts and comments, so it's quite feasible that Twitter could follow suit.

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