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Australia rolls out world's first E ink traffic signs

Tapping on the sustainability and practicality of E Ink displays, a government agency in Australia has decided to use the technology for road signage.

The Australian Road and Maritime Services (RMS) has rolled out first E Ink traffic signs in Sydney, which are also the world's first.

The E Ink displays where will be used to display real-time information to drivers during special events.

The signs are equipped with a light for night-time usage and have solar panels which supply the minimal electricity needed to change the signs.

To aid in the government's purpose, the signs are also connected to the government authority's servers via 3G connectivity and can be updated over the air at any time.

Visionect (opens in new tab), the signs' makers, says that customisable E Ink displays can reduce signage costs citing statistics that the city currently spends $9.5 million (£6 million) on temporary parking signage every year.

To further the technology, the company behind E Ink itself is also working on a variation of the technology that could be used on buildings