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Facebook is still the global consumer identity King

Customer identity management firm Gigya (opens in new tab) has released its Q2 "landscape of customer identity" figures, showing how consumers are using third party identity providers such as Facebook and Google+ to log into other websites.

Facebook continued its dominance, now controlling two-thirds of all social logins, followed by Google+ (20 per cent), Twitter (6 per cent) and Yahoo (4 per cent).

In terms of global preferences, the pattern remains fairly similar. Facebook commands a 65 per cent dominance in North America, 74 per cent in Europe, 79 per cent in Central and South America, 63 per cent in Africa and 79 per cent in Asia.

Richard Lack, Director of Northern Europe at Gigya commented: "In the second quarter of 2015, Facebook continued its steady dominance as a third-party identity provider (IdP), with the business now controlling an astounding two-thirds of all social logins across the globe. The company’s share on mobile devices stood at 77 per cent - significantly higher than all other IdPs in Q2 of 2015.

"However, Facebook’s share of logins on eCommerce properties fell by 2 per cent, with payment providers Amazon and PayPal continuing to build momentum. Consumers appear to be taking advantage of being able to log in and pay for items on websites using the same identity for one seamless interaction.

"Social login is an effective mechanism for brands to identify site visitors at the point of entry, allowing marketers to tie demographic, interest and behavioural data to individual user identities. This unification of data enables brands to personalise user experiences on an individual level – even as users move across channels and devices.

"What’s more, identity data is permission-based and captured directly from consumers, resulting in more accurate and complete information that leads to more effective segmentation."

The full infographic can be found below.

Gigya consumer identity

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