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Imperva Skyfence and Raytheon Websense partner up to help organisations secure cloud applications

Imperva, Inc., (opens in new tab) (NYSE: IMPV), committed to protecting business-critical data and applications in the cloud and on-premises, and Raytheon|Websense (opens in new tab) (formerly Websense), a global leader in protecting organisations from the latest cyber attacks and data theft, today announced an agreement to facilitate safe and productive use of cloud apps for organisations of all sizes. The technology licensing and joint marketing agreement enables Raytheon|Websense to embed the Imperva Skyfence Cloud App Catalog into its web security gateway products and also certifies joint interoperability to make it easier for customers to deploy and integrate the solutions.

“As a cloud access security broker (CASB), Skyfence will strengthen our Triton platform by providing powerful, embedded risk intelligence to support reporting and decision-making,” said Mike Siegel, Vice President of Product Management of Raytheon|Websense. “The Skyfence technology allows our current and future customers to leverage the existing Websense platform and better deal with cloud app adoption and security issues emerging from shadow IT.”

The joint offering is based on three main new provisions for customers:

IT visibility into apps that are self-provisioned by employees

App discovery is the first step to assessing the risk of cloud applications and since the landscape is changing daily, it’s imperative that organisations adopt a solution that can periodically scan activity and flag new additions. Skyfence routinely monitors the cloud environment and alerts IT managers to new apps and changes in their risk posture.

“IT cannot begin to define and enforce a cloud security strategy if they are unaware of the applications in use. With a myriad of cloud applications being adopted for workforce efficiency including file-sharing and collaboration, measuring what applications are being used and understanding their risk to the business are critical,” said Mark Kraynak, Chief Product Officer of Imperva.

Understanding of the real security and compliance risks associated with each app

The risk profile of a cloud app involves a wide range of parameters including their security practices, data center location, regulatory compliance and incident history. In order to determine whether cloud use is safe and productive, organisations must understand the risk of individual apps as well as the aggregate risk level of all apps in use. The integrated Imperva and Raytheon|Websense offering will provide robust reporting capabilities that signal to the IT and security teams the health and security posture of their cloud operation.

Control over cloud data and usage

Cloud apps and their users often reside outside of the traditional network perimeter, including on BYOD devices and mobile phones. As a result, organisations face new and unique challenges in protecting the data stored in the cloud. For Raytheon|Websense customers, the integrated solution offers certified interoperability and configuration options. This makes it easier for customers to implement the broader Skyfence product alongside their existing Websense deployment.

To give more information, there will be a special webinar (opens in new tab) hosted on August 12th at 11 a.m. PT, where experts will discuss the partnership, customer benefits and product capabilities.

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