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Microsoft is all ears with Bing Listens

As shown by the Window Insider (opens in new tab) program and the development of Windows 10 (opens in new tab), Microsoft is now all ears. Under Satya Nadella, this is now a company that wants to listen to, and be guided by, its customers. Google may dominate the search arena, but Microsoft is keen for Bing to eat into its market share by giving people what they want.

This is precisely why the Bing Listens program (opens in new tab) was created, giving people an opportunity to make suggestions about changes and additions they'd like to see made. Today Microsoft not only thanks people for providing feedback, but also reveals some of the suggestions it has acted on. Have your idea been used?

The Bing team reveals that since its launch back in March there have been thousands of ideas submitted and more than 80 per cent have been responded to. Among the requests that have been implemented are public transport details, shopping from Bing Images, and synchronisation of My Places on Bing Maps with Cortana.

Bing Listens has been updated so you can now see the top three ideas that have been suggested and voted for, and there are plans to make it easier for people to keep track of the suggestions they put forward. The team says:

In the first few months alone, we’ve seen more than a thousand ideas ranging from new ways to earn rewards to adding a custom filter for news, to enabling users to contribute feedback on translation results, and even searching medical related issues.

If you want to shape the future of Bing -- or you just fancy seeing the ideas that others have come up with -- take a look at Bing Listens (opens in new tab).

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