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Twitter receives design update on Windows 10

Twitter is planning to launch a new app for Windows 10, following a lacklustre amount of updates to its Windows 8. The new app will fit with Microsoft’s new UI vision for the desktop, with a sleek and simple redesign.

This is a new leaf for Twitter, which has cast Microsoft’s platforms in the shadows for the past five years. After a late 2013 launch for the Twitter app on Windows 8, it did not add any meaningful updates to the app.

Integrated videos, Vines and other media will be available on the Twitter app for Windows 10. On the right, users will be able to tweet and reply to tweets, with the left sidebar where all the navigation happens on the app.

A refresh button allows Twitter users instant access to the top of the feed, instead of having to scroll up. Twitter and Microsoft will continue to define the app before pushing it onto the Windows Store on July 29th.

Twitter also plans to an launch app for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab), but a timeline has not been set for that platform. With Jack Dorsey back at the helm of the company (opens in new tab), it appears adding new platform updates and features is a big part of the plan.

Microsoft intends to launch Windows 10 in waves, with the first going to Windows 7 and 8 customers that have already registered for an update. It is not clear when the second and third batch of Windows 10 keys will be available, or who will receive them (opens in new tab).

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