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Uninstall Adobe Flash ahead of Windows 10 launch, or just refresh

For those of you that have been under a rock the past few months, the number of Adobe Flash Player updates have gotten a little out of hand. Not only is it annoying, it is also a sure sign that the software is very outdated.

To reinforce this, large swathes of websites are now shifting from Flash to HTML5 and other alternatives, making the web a whole lot easier and safer for us all.

So, if you are still updating your Adobe Flash player on your laptop or desktop, it is probably best to uninstall that piece of software to make sure that you are secure, and don't have any software that you know may leave you vulnerable to attack.

With the launch of Windows 10 fast approaching and people preparing there devices for the update, many are looking to wipe or partially wipe there devices so they have a clean slate for the new OS.

This is all well and good, but Windows 10 has a clever feature called refresh that uninstalls all your third-party software and applications from your system, but fear not, all your music, videos and other files will still remain on your computer.

There are still people who won’t find satisfaction after that and they will want to wipe their entire systems before installing the brand new version, but there’s good news for those people too.

The Windows 10 refresh feature is much deeper than the previous versions and so even if you don’t wipe your entire system, the feature will take care of the things that you are worried about.