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CliQr giving businesses a helping hand with cloud migration

Deploying and managing systems in the cloud brings a new set of challenges for enterprises who need to integrate with their existing environments.

To help businesses model, deploy and manage one or many, new and existing applications across any physical, virtual or cloud environment. Cloud management specialist CliQr (opens in new tab) is announcing the launch of CloudCenter 4.0. This release sets new levels of flexibility, visibility and control, making it easy for companies to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud in critical enterprise environments.

"CliQr's goal with CloudCenter 4.0 is to provide a cloud management platform as accessible, manageable and secure as even the best traditional IT environments," says Tenry Fu, co-founder and CTO of CliQr. "For businesses that see the advantages of the cloud, CliQr's technology makes the cloud accessible, secure and manageable whether they’re jumping in with one application on one cloud or rolling-out a complex, hybrid cloud-based ITaaS environment, including combinations of private and public execution venues".

Delivered as both a CliQr-hosted SaaS platform or a dedicated customer deployment, CloudCenter 4.0 has been developed by working directly with customers to understand their real-world requirements for integrating cloud-based environments into their infrastructure and strategies.

Features include a role-based interface to focus on role and task-related naming conventions and workflows, and support for 16 public clouds including IBM SoftLayer and AWS GovCloud, as well as OpenStack and VMware.

To keep things secure there's administrator-controlled key management, plus controls for port and firewall rules at both profile and tier level. One-click remote access is available from any device with an HTML5 web browser.

The software is also Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliant with support for digital signatures, message digests, certificates and certificate validation, encryption, key generation, secure random number generation and more.

More information is available on the CliQr website (opens in new tab).

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