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First crowdfunding campaign in fight against Islamic State

The crowdfunding campaign is named Operation ISIS, and as of now, 24 per cent ($2,355) has been donated through the platform by different anonymous donors with the goal to reach $10,000.

A GhostSec member said that with the amount that has been raised, they would be significantly be able to escalate their efforts to slow down the Islamic State and detect more threats before they happen.

GhostSec, aka, Ghost Security has been actively involved in monitoring different IS websites and social media accounts. As of now GhostSec has taken down at least 100 IS websites, and more than 57,000 social media accounts that were being used for recruitment and propaganda purposes.

Besides just thwarting the Islamic State, they have also been affiliated with a hacktivist group Anonymous.

Recently, GhostSec revealed that they had helped prevent terrorist attacks in New York and Tunisia.

All the information that is being collected by GhostSec, is currently being used by different counter-terrorism groups and experts that participate in disrupting different IS operations.

GhostSec says “We are not funded by any organisation or government and rely on donations from supporters to continue our operations against the Islamic State. Before we set up this campaign I was funding this operation at my own expense. With the donation we aim to intensify our fight against the Islamic State and ultimately be able to capture more enemy intelligence,” according to IBTimes UK (opens in new tab).

The hacktivist group has set up a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdrise to help them to purchase additional computers and servers to improve their monitoring and also better their chances in acquiring more data about the IS.