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UK is teaching the world how to fight hackers

The UK is sharing its knowledge on how to fight hackers with the world, the media reported on Wednesday.

The government's cyber security training initiative has launched in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The initiative will be led by the Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG), the information security arm of the GCHQ, Business Insider wrote in a report. The CESG is an extension of its ongoing UK Certified Professional scheme.

The goal of the scheme is to make sure cyber professionals around the world have good anti-hacker capabilities, and that they meet a quality benchmark set by the CESG.

So far, the scheme recognised 1,200 experts in various roles, including penetration testers and crypto custodians. Penetration testers are such professionals which are hired to test the defences of a company's security system, while crypto custodians manage companies' use of encryption.

Encryption is a security technology that scrambles digital information using specialist mathematics. It makes it so only people in possession of a specific unlock key or password can read the encrypted information.

The new US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand tests will be run by the APMG International examination body and CESG.

Cyber security is one of the biggest threats to today's businesses, with the number of attacks increasing every day, and their damages become more and more costly.

The UK government has warned that there is an ongoing shortage of skilled security professionals, and the European Union will face a shortage of some 800,000 security professionals in the next five years.