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Angry Birds 2 flies onto Android and iOS devices

Following the launch of the original Angry Birds six years ago, which has been downloaded around 3 billion times across various platforms, its maker, Rovio Entertainment, has finally released Angry Birds 2 on Android and iOS.

Rovio have released a number of Angry Birds follow-ups over the years, such as Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio, but this time, the game developer is releasing a warranted full sequel status through the new game version.

Angry Birds 2 is still a cute 2D physics puzzler wherein players will catapult variously coloured birds into ramshackle forts in a goal to bring down the green pigs protected within. However, the catch of the new version is that players now won't get to choose which bird goes next.

Added features are the destructive spells that players can cast and the multiple 'rooms' provided per level.

Design wise, the look has improved regarding how the piggy forts build themselves at the start of each level. The new game also offers a detailed cartoony art style and environmental effects.

Angry Birds 2 has also become a more modern free-to-play model.This means that the free use of the game will have a rather irritating cool-down timer in exchange, which will limit speedy retries. On top of the free game, there will be an option to purchase power-ups to easily pass through tricky stages.

For iOS users, the game has been optimised for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 generation and upwards, but can still be played on older devices.