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Newham seeks mobile solution to streamline property management

The London Borough of Newham (opens in new tab) has chosen a mobile solution to help it streamline its property maintenance and management and improve efficiency.

The local authority will be working with mobile working solutions provider TotalMobile (opens in new tab) in a bid to make its organisation leaner while still providing value for money for the community.

Although the council first began investigating mobile solutions in 2007, it required one which would provide offline capability and TotalMobile was the only company to offer a solution that would meet all its needs.

Newham has 16,000 properties to management, including public buildings like schools and libraries. 170 on-ground and 30 plus back office staff in Housing Repairs and Maintenance, Gas Servicing and Public Building Maintenance are using the mobile solution on Android devices.

The back office integrates with TotalMobile in order to ensure efficient administration of day-to-day response, planned inspection and services based operations and manages the life cycle of every job from creation to completion.

The solution also includes all financial and operation management implications and it links to Northgate Housing, Mayrise, Civica Keystone and Travis Perkins.

It allows Newham to monitor performance against set indicators on an individual basis against all KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) especially customer satisfaction for continual viewing of its achievement rating.

Cost Savings And Flexibility

“There has been a 255 reduction in operational staff costs on top of the non-tangible benefits,” claimed Newham Council Operations Director RMS, Community and Environment Tony Abbs.

“In a service that handles vast numbers of small jobs combined with large numbers of operatives we needed a system that could cope and adapt to the ever changing demands. Not an easy task, but TotalMobile has achieved this.

“[The company] has been very supportive and reactive to all Newham’s requirements. Key being adaptability and flexibility and that their people have understood every step of the way what we are trying to achieve,” he added.