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Sony Q2 profits boosted by PlayStation 4 and image sensors

Sony has announced its financial results for the second quarter of the year, which proved to be largely positive for the Japanese firm.

Net income increase to 82.4 billion yen (£423 million), up from 26.8 billion yen 12 months ago.

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In terms of sales, the company recorded an overall figure of 1.81 trillion yen, but some sectors of the business outperformed others. Sony’s figures were also boosted by exchange rate fluctuations.

“Sales were essentially flat year-on-year mainly due to a decrease in Mobile Communications segment sales reflecting a significant decrease in smartphone unit sales and a decrease in Home Entertainment & Sound segment sales reflecting a decrease in unit sales of mid-range LCD televisions, substantially offset by the impact of foreign exchange rates and a significant increase in Devices segment sales reflecting the strong performance of image sensors,” read the financial report.

Sony’s movie and TV business was less successful in Q2 2015 when compared with last year, losing 11.7 billion yen compared to a 7.8 billion yen profit last time. It is believed that a fall in licensing revenue is to blame, with 2014 benefitting from blockbuster releases like The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Sales and operating revenue from the company’s game and network services, which includes sales of its PlayStation 4 console, increased from 257.5 billion yen to 288.6 billion yen. However, sales for the previous generation PlayStation 3 console were down year-on-year, as is to be expected.

Sony’s image sensor business, a sector that it is perhaps less well-known for, also flourished in Q2, with high demand emerging from mobile products.

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Following publication of the financial results, Sony kept its forecast for the financial year ending 31 March unchanged.