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This bug could brick millions of Android smartphones

According to Trend Micro, a new security bug has been discovered that could literally brick millions of Android smartphones in a snap. Once exploited, the hacker can brick it, making the phone unable to make any outgoing calls, and all you can see, is a dead screen. And in case you still wanted to have some fun with a 'bricked' smartphone, you can only run one app that will of course, contain a malicious file.

How to revive it?

It’s simple. Just reboot your phone and it should be good to go. But who wants to go through all the thrilling experience, especially with their smartphone.

When asked to Google about a patch, or a concrete solution to this bug, they said that the users should be careful about their browsing activities and be cautious of what they’re doing online (duh!). You shouldn’t visit malicious websites, or untrusted websites, or install any malicious apps, etc.

Basically what Google is trying to say, is that you should follow the basic rules of the Internet to protect yourself from any kind of harm. Also, good news to any of you that have already suffered, a patch is on its way.

The bug/vulnerability appears to be in the Android’s media server service, and any half decent hacker can exploit this by a malformed video file in a Matroska container. And this is when the magic starts to happen.

The android smartphone tries to index the file, and then simply crashes. Due to that crash, the entire operating system goes down with it.

We believe that this bug is a low priority for Google because they are already trying to deal with the Stagefright vulnerability.