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Windows 10 Mobile might still be a long way off

You couldn't have missed the fact that Windows 10 launched yesterday, but while folks have been gleefully grabbing the new OS for their desktop PC, what of the smartphone version?

Well, we knew that Windows 10 Mobile wasn't due until the autumn, but it seems that the phone incarnation of the operating system will arrive later than we thought.

Buzz on the mobile grapevine indicated a possible October release of the mobile OS, but according to, who spoke to Anthony Doherty, Windows and Surface Business Group Lead at Microsoft South Africa, Windows 10 Mobile isn't due until November.

Doherty said: "Our core platform is Windows 10. It's mobile in nature, not just the device, but the experience people will have. So there's a big emphasis on the... mobile phone side of it. But there's more thunder on that coming later in the year."

He then added that the release would see a "November timeframe", so that date doesn't sound a certainty for windows 10 Mobile by any means. Could we see even further slippage than that?

Microsoft certainly won't want any further delays, given that it's already fighting a losing battle on the mobile front – Windows 10 and its cross-platform nature is the big hope to finally start turning that around.