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Dashlane introduces the Password Changer for Apple Watch

Password manager Dashlane has announced a new innovation: a Password Changer for Apple Watch and iPhone.

The company, saying it is the only password manager with password-changing tech on mobile and wearable devices, promises simple replacing, storing and synchronising of passwords in seconds, “with a single tap”.

Users will also be able to instantly change their passwords when they receive a Dashlane Security Alert notifying them of a potential security breach.

The Password Changer for Apple Watch and iPhone is available now on the App Store.

Here’s how the one-tap password change works: users select the accounts they want to change and let Dashlane automatically replace, store, and sync new passwords.

The company also said the Password Changer works with 50 major sites at the desktop launch in December 2014, and currently “works with over 200 of the world’s leading websites”. By year’s end, it will be compatible with 500. Here you can find the full list of Password Changer-compatible sites.

Emmanuel Schalit, Dashlane CEO, states: “Security breaches aren’t always discovered when we’re near our computers. The ability to receive instant notification and take immediate action is a momentous differentiator that makes Dashlane the cutting-edge password manager that is there for users, wherever and whenever they need it.”

“These exclusive features are the latest in a string of game-changing releases from Dashlane over the past ten months that have provided users with ever-increasing convenience and security. Our entire company is hard at work on even more innovative password and identity solutions our users can expect in the coming months.”

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