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How to import your iTunes playlists into Windows 10's Groove Music

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 you’ll likely have discovered an app called Groove Music. This is the new name for Xbox Music which was included in Windows 8.x.

When you first open the app there’s not much to see. Groove Music is a rather bland looking affair with lots of white space. The app will automatically import music from your PC, although if you’re anything like me, you’ll need to change the location it looks in to get all of your songs and albums added. To do this, and also import iTunes playlists into Groove Music, just follow these instructions:

  • If the sidebar menu isn’t open, click the hamburger button at the top right to open it.
  • Click the gear button.
  • Under 'Music on this PC' you’ll see two options. You can change the default music locations by clicking 'Choose where we look for music'. To import any playlists created using Apple’s software, click 'Import iTunes playlists' and then click the Import button.

Groove Music will search your PC for iTunes playlists and then add them. The process is very quick, although the songs and artwork won’t be added if Groove Music doesn’t know where to look for them.

Groove music

Image Credit: Suphaksorn Thongwongboot (opens in new tab)/Shutterstock (opens in new tab)