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NatWest suffers more online banking issues

NatWest has confirmed that its online banking service is experiencing issues which are preventing users from accessing the bank’s website.

Many others have also noted that the site is running slower than usual, while mobile app users are receiving error messages.

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On the company’s customer service Twitter account, NatWest acknowledged the issue and said that its tech team were “investigating this as a matter of urgency.” Many customers have been unable to access their online accounts and some have reported that money transfers, including work salaries, are not being processed. Because the problem appears to be affecting a range of services, it is likely to be caused by an issue with NatWest’s servers.

However, NatWest has not officially explained the cause of the outage, leaving many customers to vent their frustration via social media, with one user complaining that they have not been able to log in to the banking app for two days.

It’s also not the first time that customers have faced issues with online banking. Back in June, more than 600,000 bank transfers involving RBS, Ulster Bank, Coutts & Co and NatWest were affected by a technical fault. The banks, which are all owned by RBS Group, have suffered five outages in the last three years, with the most recent leaving customers unable to access wages – a delay described as “unacceptable” by the chairman of the Treasury Select Committee.

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The failings do not help instil confidence in online banking and e-commerce, but that hasn’t stopped NatWest encouraging customers to try the recently launched Apple Pay. The bank tweeted its support of the mobile payments platform earlier today, which provides an easy way of making contactless payments with your iPhone.

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