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Google's Android for Work program adds super-secure Blackphone 2 to its ranks

The security of mobile communications is of paramount importance to many people, but it is particularly high on the list of priorities for business and enterprise customers.

Silent Circle is a company that caters to those concerned with privacy and security, billing its work as the 'world's first enterprise privacy platform'.

The company's original Blackphone generated some interest, and earlier in the year we learned about the follow-up - the Blackphone 2. Kitted out with a customised version of Android, the security-focused handset is the latest addition to Android for Work, Google's own security-focused program.

In terms of specs, the Blackphone 2 boasts an octo-core processor, 32GB of storage, 3GB RAM, 13MP front camera, 5MP rear shooter, and a 5.5 inch screen. But it is security that's at the heart of the phone. Silent OS allows for the placing of encrypted phone calls, and apps can be downloaded through the locked-down Silent Store.

Silent Circle CEO, Bill Conner said:

Privacy is about being able to decide and control what information to share and how you share it. We're delighted to join the Android for Work program. It's a significant step forward in Silent Circle's development which enables us to deliver privacy and security to a broader enterprise customer base, while meeting their need for the wide-ranging apps and services provided by Google.

The Blackphone 2 was originally earmarked for release in July, but this has now been pushed back to some time in the fall. David Puron, SVP Engineering, Devices said that the second generation of the device has even more to offer customers:

Our Blackphone 2 release this fall will bring support for Google Play and Google Mobile Services to Silent OS, and with support for Android for Work, companies can strike their own balance of control over data and connectivity with established productivity services that are used throughout enterprise.

Silent Circle shared the video above at the beginning of the year, giving a glimpse at the Blackphone 2.