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Have you got the right software for your startup?

So, you've perfected the business plan, moved into a brand new office and hired your first employees to get things started.

But, there's one area of your startup that you probably haven't thought about as much: the software. The efficiency and effectiveness of your startup will be impacted depending on the software you choose, so getting it right is vital.

To help any new startups out there, QuickBooks has created an infographic highlighting some of the key things to think about.

Like with email, for example. Do you go for a web client which can be accessed by any device and stores all data in the cloud, or a desktop client which requires local storage and allows better offline access?

Settling on an email solution is an important decision for any company - as much as 13 hours of the average work week is taken up by email management according to software firm Contatta - but its not the only one. There's also Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, accounting software and security software which all needs to be chosen to best suit the needs of the startup.

Check out the full infographic below for a run-through of the keys software areas that any startup needs to consider and the important questions that should be asked along the way.

Software for Startups

Source: QuickBooks (opens in new tab)

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