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Fine-TUNE your running technique with the new sports wearable in town

Sports technology is definitely a growing market, as more and more amateur and professional athletes turn to tech to help analyse and improve both their training and performance.

There are an abundance of products on the market, but now, there is a new player in town that want to go further than just tracking how far and how fast you run.

The TUNE wearable device, developed by Portugal-based company Kinematix, goes one step further by analysing the position of both feet as you run, looking for weaknesses before developing personalised training plans to improve.

We recently spoke to Paulo dos Santos, the CEO of Kinematix to discuss this new device and the rise of sport technology. The full interview can be found below.

We believe that there is a very big market for TUNE, looking to the increasing number of recreational long distance runners.

Now we are on the phase of promoting TUNE, explaining the differences, the novelties and the value compared with other technologies already in the market. We want to get a strong market entry, aiming that our potential customers understand that TUNE really is a smart device for runners.

Furthermore, we intend to explore the principles of TUNE in other sports where foot behaviour is relevant, to help also other athletes.