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Angry Birds 2 reaches 10 million downloads in three days

Rovio’s successor to the hugely successful Angry Birds appears to be a winner, with 10 million downloads in three days. The free-to-play game launched on iOS and Android at the start of the month, and has received a wave of early supporters.

The original Angry Birds launched as a paid app, instead of having in-app purchases. Sadly, a lot has changed since 2011 in the mobile industry, with paid apps becoming a risky business. More and more developers are choosing free-to-play, which slowly converts players into customers through upgrades and other speed-ups.

Angry Birds 2 currently holds the top spot of the iOS and Android free section, above other free-to-play games like Worms 3 and Cube Jump. Rovio has not announced how much revenue it has made in the three days, but Fallout Shelter raked in £3.25 million in the first two weeks on iOS.

Interestingly, Angry Birds 2 is quite low in the top grossing charts, at #47. Fallout Shelter hit number one shortly after launching. The in-app purchases for Angry Birds 2 may become more useful as the player goes deeper, meaning we should see a spike in a few weeks.

Even though this is the “sequel” to the original Angry Birds, Rovio has made plenty of themed games since the original launch. The game even spawned a movie deal with Sony Pictures, called Angry Birds - Chuck Time, coming in 2016.