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Apple loses its Chinese smartphone crown, slips to third place

Apple has slipped back into third place in the Chinese smartphone market, Canalys has said, after the iPhone maker was in the top spot in the previous quarter.

According to the analysts firm's latest figures for the second quarter of 2015, Xiaomi has reclaimed the number one position climbing to a 15.9 per cent market share in China.

Apple has also been overtaken by Huawei, which is extremely close behind Xiaomi on 15.7 per cent – and indeed Huawei has seen massive growth, up 48 per cent in terms of sales on the last quarter.

That leaves Apple in third position now, although how far behind those two Chinese vendors the company is wasn't made clear, as Canalys didn't cite a percentage for Cupertino's sales.

We'd imagine Apple's pretty close behind, though, as the new iPhone 6 models have proved extremely popular in China – hence the number one position in Q1 2015 – although it's only natural that demand would start to fall off somewhat, given they've been out since last autumn.

The new iPhone models (the iPhone 6S, as it's expected to be called) will soon spark sales again this autumn, unless something goes badly wrong somewhere.

As for the phone manufacturers behind the top three, Samsung is in fourth position, followed by Vivo.

Jingwen Wang, who works as an analyst at Canalys, commented: “The China smartphone market continues to mature, remaining stagnant quarter-on-quarter. Competition among major brands has never been so intense. Huawei recorded the highest smartphone shipments in its history without compromising its product margin or profitability.

“Apple and Samsung have both increased their sales activities in the China market, expanding rapidly in channel coverage through flagship stores and small to medium size phone retailers respectively. Xiaomi is under immense pressure to maintain its top position in the quarters to come.”