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Best Buy has monetised free Windows 10 upgrades

It has been mentioned ad nauseum that Windows 10 is free. While retailers would normally make a killing through sales of a new version of Windows, this time around they are missing out. Not a company to shy away from raking in a few bucks, Best Buy has come up with a money-making solution to keep its finance department happy.

The secret formula involves taking advantage of the ignorance of people who are not particularly computer literate, and squeezing them for every cent possible. The chain might not be able to make much money selling copies of Windows 10, but it can sure as hell try to monetise the installation process and training.

If you feel like following Microsoft's on-screen instructions might be a little too taxing for you to tackle on your own, Best Buy is only too happy to relieve you of $29.99. For just shy of $30, the Geek Squad team will install Windows 10 for you. Opt to take a one year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal, however, and the installation will be thrown in free of charge.

But it doesn’t end there.

As Best Buy proclaims, "Windows 10 is the future of Windows". This means there's a lot to learn; whether you're upgrading from Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1, much has changed, and much is new. For anyone who feels uncomfortable jumping straight into Windows 10 on their own, Best Buy's Geek Squad is again on hand to help out. For the right price, of course.

A 30 minute in-store introduction to Windows 10 will set you back $29.99. If you'd prefer to take an online tutorial with a chat agent, this is $10 cheaper at $19.99. But the crème de la crème option is one full hour of at-home training from a member of the Geek Squad . The price of having a technician come to your house to show you the ropes? $129.99.

I'll just let that sink in. I'm not sure any more words are needed...

Photo credit: vivairina1 / Shutterstock