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Remeber Cecil the lion with special edition gold HTC One M9

The story of Cecil the lion became a global sensation last week and smartphone manufacturers are already taking note.

UK firm Goldgenie is creating a special edition gold-plated HTC One M9 handset that will help raise funds for conservation programmes.

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For anyone not familiar with the story, Cecil was a 13-year-old African lion that was killed by American dentist and hunting enthusiast Walter Palmer last month. Although big-game hunting is legal in many African countries, it is not clear if the hunters had the required permits and two of Mr Palmer’s fellow hunters are now facing prosecution.

The outrage surrounding the lion’s death has led to a huge online backlash against Walter Palmer, but if you’d rather honour Cecil’s memory in a more extravagant way, then Goldgenie’s handset could be just for you. The device costs £1,580 and 10 per cent of every sale will be donated to the Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, where Cecil lived. The handset is identical to a usual HTC One M9, except it is covered in 24-carat gold and has an engraving showing the much-loved lion.

"This Limited Edition 24k Gold Cecil the Lion HTC One M9 is a state-of-the-art smartphone that will serve as a reminder of the beauty of nature's wildlife and the importance of conserving it," explains the Goldgenie website.

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Only 99 copies of the Cecil HTC One M9 will be produced, so if you’re in need of a smartphone that combines an over-the-top shiny quality with some conservational benefits, then you’ll need to act fast. If, however, the shiny quality is the crucial factor behind your purchase, then Goldgenie do a rage of other devices coated in gold including headphones, iPads and the Apple Watch.