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iPhone was found working after being dropped from a plane

Looks like the iPhone might overthrow Nokia 3310 as the world’s most durable cell phone. As Times Record News reported late last week, a man’s iPhone was dropped from an airplane flying at 9,300 feet (2.8 kilometres). Instead of smashing to pieces, it was reporting its location and, once retrieved, was capable of giving and receiving calls.

“It was by the side of the road south of Jacksboro, under a mesquite tree,” said the phone’s owner, a man named Wilson. “The donkey pointed out where it was.”

Monday afternoon Wilson, owner of Gas Corp. of America and pilot Will Warnock were on their way back from Houston to Kickapoo Airport when pressure change caused a door latch on the passenger side to give way by 3 inches.

“The pressure popped and a newspaper flew out but I didn’t see the phone go. After we got back I looked for it on the floor (of the plane) and in my briefcase but couldn’t find it,” Wilson said.

“I met Ben at the airport and we checked for the phone, even wondered if it might have been left in a rental car. We used his Find My iPhone app and learned it was still alive,” said John Kidwell, Gas Corp.’s vice president of sales. “Later I checked the iCloud and could see it was outside of Joplin (Texas).” Joplin is a wide spot in the road in rural Jack County.

The two took a satellite image and a map and tried to find the phone. During the search, Wilson stumbled upon a donkey, which started following them.

“It was in one piece, scratched a bit on the corners but it still worked,” said Wilson, as surprised as he was happy about the durable mophie battery charger case.

“It hit the corners a bit and but it’s just fine,” said Kidwell. “The only missing part is the battery.”